High calorie foods you need to eat to aid weight loss

If you’re trying to lose weight cutting down on high-calorie foods seems like a good idea, but you’ll be surprised to know that some high calorie foods are actually good for weight loss journey.
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    Don’t say bye to all high calorie foods

    If you’re trying to lose to weight, the first thing you decide to cut off from your diet is high calorie foods. And why not? You’re better off without things that could jeopardise your weight loss plan. But, it is imperative to under that calories are an important part of weight loss journey and should not be ignored. Your body requires foods that are high in calories to replenish, refuel and recover. Here are some high calorie foods that can aid weight loss

    Contrary to many theories, ghee contains good fat and nutritious calories. Just a tablespoon of ghee on regular basis is not only healthy for you but its calories will help you in losing weight.

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    Banana is another food that is being dissed for its high calories. Banana is great for weight loss. You can eat it before workout and post workout.  So, if you’re trying to weight loss make sure bananas are an essential part of your diet.


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