Managing monsoon mane

Wash your hair more often:Wash your hair every alternate day or daily to remove the dirt and grime. The key is to use a mild shampoo.

Oil to your rescue: Oil but don’t leave it on your hair for too long, oil it an hour or two before you wash.

Watch your diet: Maintain a high protein diet. Eat whole grains and nuts as they are rich in biotin, a vitamin that helps hair growth. Keep your water intake up.

Condition please: Conditioning is very important as excessive humidity leads to frizz. Use serums. Maintain a short and trimmed hairstyle.


Say no to styling products: Don’t overload your hair with styling products. It increases the sweat content in the hair and is very hard to remove.

Keep your hair dry: 
Dry your hair after shampooing. Use a hair dryer. Comb your hair when it’s semi-dry to dry.


By: Nikita Mukherjee (Mensxp)

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