Man’s silly pizza-delivery instructions go viral

The funny photo has since gone viral on Reddit.

Food service industry workers know well how finicky customers can be with their orders, making one pizza customer’s specific instructions all the more hilarious.

On Feb. 26, Reddit user Rikardose shared a photo of a receipt for two medium pizzas, and two hilarious sets of instructions.

“Crust a little crisper than normal But not too crispy… if that’s not vague enough — make it like you’re taking revenge on a cheating boyfriend, BUT you still want to reconcile in the not so distant future,” the note read for the $22.27 total order.

“The gate is tricky, please don’t break it. And the spider on the porch is called Frank. Be nice to Frank, he guards the tomatoes,” the instructions added.

With the cheeky receipt going viral in the days since, nearly 18,000 up-votes and over 560 comments from Redditors in far-flung corners of the globe including England, Australia and Denmark have poured in. Not only have the funny instructions spurred former pizza delivery workers to reminisce on some of their stranger deliveries, but the post has sparked a debate on the ethics of tipping.

“Dude I used to love these sorts of deliveries. These are normally the guys that’ll toss you a five every time,” Reddit user Sanguinesce wrote.

“Thirty some years ago when I delivered pizza in a small town it was even worse. Pizza delivery was in its infancy in the Southern U.S,” PfunkNC recalled. “I once delivered pizzas in a snowstorm and received only a grunt as my tip. I had taken longer than they had expected. Mind you, it’s the South where no one drives when it snows because nothing is plowed and very little preparation is taken.”

“Deliver me a pizza, sometimes if I’m feeling generous I’ll toss a 20 to the guy because I know it’ll make his day,” the generous Thisguywatches said.

According to The Daily Meal’s definitive tipping guide, one industry recommends leaving delivery drivers $3 as the baseline, adding that poor weather, heavy cargo and lengthy distances traveled are all the more reason to throw a few more bucks their way.

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